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We are lucky to be extremely well located. Our region the "Mayenne Angevine" is located at the borders
of three other counties, Maine et Loire, Loire Atlantique and Ille et Vilaine,
that explains the natural and historic resource around our gite.

According to your tastes and needs, you always can find an activity in the vicinity, all within one hour radius.

 If you like walking :

- a hiking trail from the gite
- the lake in Martign-Ferchaud with a trail
- the lake "La Blisire" in Juign
- the lake in Pouanc with a trail
- the relaxation park "Saint Blaise" in Noyant la Gravoyre
- various forests

If you like sports activities :

- Various hiking trails
- visit of the training center of the race horses of Senonnes
- nautical club in Pouanc or "La Rincerie" in La Selle Craonnaise
- fishing on site or in lakes
- ultra-light motorized (U.L.M.) in Pouanc
- tennis in Senonnes
- Swin Golf in Roug or 18 hole golf course in Ess
- go-karting in Roug or in Louisfert
- horse riding "Le Refuge" in Pouanc
- swimming-pool in Chateaubriant, La Guerche de Bretagne, Segr or Cand
- archery in Pouanc or Roug
- Croquet in Saint Aubin des Chteaux
- Paragliding flight and hand-gliding in Abbaretz

If you like cultural visits :

- the slate museum in Renaz
- La petite Coure in Nyoiseau (reconstituted village in 1900)
- La ferme d'hier et d'aujourd'hui in Avir
- Lilliput museum in La Ferrire de Fle
- the castle of Pouanc
- the castle of Chteaubriant
- the castle of Craon with its park
- the castle of La Motte Glain
- the abbey of La Ro and La Meilleraye de Bretagne
- the windmill at Fontaine Couverte
- the windmill at Challain La Potherie
- the "Robert Tatin" museum in Coss
- the "refuge de l'arche" in Chateau-Gontier (animals of the local wildlife)
- "La roseraie" du prieur in Craon
- le "muse des arts et traditions populaires" in Ess (popular arts and traditions)
- "La roche aux fes" (menhir) in Ess
- the "muse du machinisme agricole" in Abbaretz (museum of agricultural machinery)
- the "Ren Guy Cadou" museum in Louisfert
- "La carrire des fusills" in Chteaubriant (memorial of soldiers)
- "L'comuse des fours chaux" in Erbray (lime kilns ecomuseum)
- "Le site des mines" in Brutz (mines)
- "Le muse des mines et minraux" in Blain (museum of mining and minerals)
- "Le moulin du pont" in Sion les Mines (the mill of the bridge)
- "La ferme de l'orme" in Blain (animal park)
- spectacles at Chteaubriant's theater
- "Les tincelles aquatiques" in Martign-Ferchaud (aquatic fireworks in august)
- gastronomic days
- various markets (La Guerche, Chteaubriant)
- possibility of renting bikes

sentier de randonn�e
hiking trail

Ch�teau de Craon
the castle of Craon

Ch�teau de Pouanc�
the castle of Pouanc

karting de Louisfert
go-karting in Louisfert

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